About Me

Michelle Bienz L.Ac. | Licensed Acupuncturist Houston

michelle-houston-acupuncturistMichelle Bienz is a Licensed Acupuncturist in Houston who has been practicing acupuncture for over eight years. She graduated from West Texas A &M University with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 1997. Michelle went to the Austin School of Massage Therapy and has been a massage therapist for 17 years. She also graduated from American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with her Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2004. Michelle is nationally certified by the NCCAOM in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, and Oriental Medicine.

What differentiates Michelle from other practitioners is her approach to the therapy. You won’t end up immediately on the massage table with Michelle prodding at you and trying to determine the cause of your ailments. You also won’t have time wasted on unhelpful treatments that only covers up the symptoms. Instead, Michelle will run you through a series of tests, and ask a series of questions, to help identify the problem. Once the problem has been pinpointed, Michelle will begin the treatment, knowing roughly the number of treatments needed – be they acupuncture or massage, or both.

Here are some of the questions Michelle might ask you on her phone consultation, or her first visit. Some of these questions may seem odd, but they all help Michelle identify the cause of the problem, which is what you wanted treated.

  • What brings you in today? (A lot of massage therapists don’t even ask this!)
  • How long have you had the pain or symptom?
  • Where is the pain or symptom?
  • What makes it better or worse?
  • Can you show me your range of motion? (Michelle will often guide you through a series of motion tests.)
  • Is the pain or symptom worse when its cold, windy, hot, damp or a combination of these?
  • What color is your urine? (This tells Michelle whether or not there is inflammation.)
  • If headaches are involved, Michelle may ask if the headache is worse with pressure or better with pressure. (This helps with diagnosis.)
  • For female patients, if headaches are involve, Michelle will most likely ask about a woman’s menstrual cycle and if she has gone through menopause naturally.
  • How do you sleep? Are you rested when you wake up?
  • Depending on where the pain, Michelle may ask what position you sleep in, as well as offer suggestions on how to improve your sleep.